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Transient Transfection Technology in HEK293 Cells Transient Transfection Technology in CHO cells Transient Transfection Service for Antibody Production Transient Transfection Service for Protein Production

Transient Transfection Service Description

Transient transfection, by definition, is different from stable cell culture. In transient transfection, DNA plasmid containing the target gene of interest is transfected into the host cells, usually HEK293 cells or CHO cells, with an efficient transfection reagent that can transport a large number of DNA plasmid through the cell membrane and into the nucleus for gene expression. Because the DNA plasmid's integration efficiency is very low, the majority of the transfected DNA remains in the cells without integrating into the chromosome, hence gene expression quickly decreases as cells divide and DNA degrades. With an engineered cell line, the cells can maintain a certain number of DNA copies in the cells for a short period of time, up to 6-12 days. The advantage of transient transfection is that it totally skipped the need for lengthy and costly stable cell line development, and hence it is highly preferable for quick and high-throughput small scale protein and antibody production.

Sino Biological has developed and optimized HEK293 cells and CHO cells for transient transfection. It has also optimized the serum-free culture medium and cell culture process to increase the efficiency of transient transfection. Furthermore, Sino Biological has developed........ <Learn More>

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