Insulin Receptor Protein Overview: Sequence, Structure, Function and Protein Interaction

Insulin Receptor Protein Overview

Insulin Receptor reagents

Ullrich et al. (1985) deduced the entire 1,370-amino acid sequence of the insulin receptor from a cDNA clone. The precursor starts with a 27-amino acid signal sequence, followed by the receptor alpha subunit, a precursor processing enzyme cleavage site, then the beta subunit containing a single 23-amino acid transmembrane sequence. Caro et al. (1988) demonstrated differences in molecular mass, carbohydrate composition, and antigenicity between the insulin receptor alpha subunit in liver and in muscle and adipose tissue, the 2 major peripheral target tissues of insulin. Moreover, the same authors showed that the insulin-stimulated tyrosyl kinase activity is greater in muscle than in liver or adipose tissue. There are sequence homologies to EGF receptor (131550). Two insulin receptor mRNA transcripts resulting from alternative splicing of exon 11 in the receptor gene are expressed in a highly regulated tissue-specific fashion. Benecke et al. (1992) studied the relative abundance of these 2 mRNA species in human tissues; the one containing exon 11 shows a marked predominance in liver, whereas the isoform in which exon 11 has been spliced out shows a comparable predominance in leukocytes. Similar amounts of the 2 variants were found in placenta, skeletal muscle, and adipose tissue. No significant differences were found between control and diabetic subjects.

Insulin Receptor protein family

Belongs to the protein kinase superfamily. Tyr protein kinase family. Insulin receptor subfamily.

Insulin Receptor protein name

Recommended name
Insulin receptor
Short name
Alternative name
CD_antigen: CD220 Insulin receptor subunit alpha Insulin receptor subunit beta

Insulin Receptor Gene family protein

Insulin Receptor Protein Sequence

Species Human Insulin Receptor protein
Length 1382
Mass (Da) 156333
Sequence Human Insulin Receptor protein sequence
Species Mouse Insulin Receptor protein
Length 1372
Mass (Da) 155610
Sequence Mouse Insulin Receptor protein sequence
Species Rat Insulin Receptor protein
Length 1383
Mass (Da) 156757
Sequence Rat Insulin Receptor protein sequence

Insulin Receptor Protein Molecular Weight & PI

Insulin receptor precursor (EC (IR) (CD220 antigen) [Contains: Insulin receptor subunit alpha; Insulin receptor subunit beta] Homo sapiens (Human).

The parameters have been computed for the following feature

FT CHAIN 28-758 Insulin receptor subunit alpha.

Molecular weight (Da)


Theoretical pI


Insulin Receptor Protein Structure

Crystal structure of insulin receptor kinase domain in complex with an inhibitor Irfin-1
2012-12-08   Released:  2013-08-21
Deposition Author(s)
Wu, J., Anastassiadis, T., Duong-Ly, K.C., Peterson, J.R.
Homo sapiens
Expression System
Spodoptera frugiperda
Experimental Data Snapshot
1.8000 Å
R-Value Free
R-Value Work

Human Insulin Receptor protein Secondary structure

Insulin Receptor Protein Interaction

Recombinant Insulin Receptor Protein Feature

Insulin Receptor Protein, Human, Recombinant (long isoform, His Tag)

High Purity
> 95 % as determined by SDS-PAGE
Low Endotoxin
< 1.0 EU per μg of the protein as determined by the LAL method
High Activity
Measured by its ability to bind human Insulin(Cat:11038-HNAY) in a functional ELISA.

Recombinant Insulin Receptor protein citations

Decorin differentially modulates the activity of insulin receptor isoform A ligands
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Kinetics of insulin-insulin receptor interaction using a surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
K Subramanian
Kinetics of insulin-insulin receptor interaction using a surface plasmon resonance (SPR)
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Sequential cleavage of insulin receptor by calpain 2 and γ-secretase impairs insulin signalling
Yuasa, T;Amo-Shiinoki, K;Ishikura, S;Takahara, M;Matsuoka, T;Kaneto, H;Kuroda, A;Matsuhisa, M;Hashida, S;

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