Developing Antibodies

How to Make an Antibody

What is antibody development? Antibody development is the entire process of generating and characterizing an antibody. It starts with injecting an antigen of interest into laboratory animals, allowing the immune system to develop large quantities of antibodies.

The methods for antibody development vary differently. For example, polyclonal antibodies can be purified from serum directly, while monoclonal antibodies require hybridoma development or construction of phage display library.

Sino Biological, a leading antibody development company, provides one-stop CRO services from antigen synthesis, research, development and production. With our antibody generation platforms, we are ready to help you tackle your toughest research challenge.

Antibody Development Antibody Development

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Antibody Development Technology Platforms

Sino Biological offers one-stop-shop custom antibody development services including polyclonal antibody development, monoclonal antibody development, and development of antibodies for a certain application such as ELISA, western blot, immunohistochemistry, and flow cytometry. We have spent many years optimizing and fine-tuning specific parameters throughput the antibody development process, starting from antigen design to antibody purification and qualification. We built our advantage on the competitiveness of our technology and efficiency, which allows us to offer services at a discounted price to competitors. Our customers will benefit further with our high success rate and better quality of the antibody that we develop for customers.

Antigen production

Sino Biological has developed in-house proprietary technology in peptide antigen design using computer-aided simulation and design mechanism. This optimized strategy greatly improves the quality of antibodies and probability of success. Sino Biological has also produced over 6,000 recombinant proteins that can be purchased on-line as antigens for immunozation and screening.

Optimized mouse hybridoma technology

Sino Biological has devoted many years of efforts in optimizing our mouse hybridoma technology, which has led to significant improvement in antibody quality and probability of success. As a result, Sino Biological has developed best quality Elite antibodies for various applications.

Proprietary 2nd generation rabbit mAb technology

Sino Biological has spent many years optimizing its proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody development platform, which generates high affinity antibodies at affordable costs. In the past, Sino Biological has utilized this platform in generating best quality rabbit monoclonal antibody products as catalog products and in developing therapeutic antibody candidates for a few selected customers with great success. Sino Biological enables customers worldwide to leverage this cutting-edge platform for their rabbit monoclonal antibody development as reagents or as therapeutic product candidates.

Recombinant antibody production

With years of process development, Sino Biological has built four antibody production platforms for rapid & high-throughput antibody production and large scale antibody bulk production. From gene sequence to 10 grams of purified antibodies, it only takes just a few weeks to deliver the product to your door. The advanced technology allows significant time-saving and cost-saving. Many large pharmaceutical companies have taken advantage of our platforms to support their in-house antibody discovery and development programs. We are proud to achieve almost 100% success rate in producing high quality antibody products on-time for thousands of monoclonal antibodies over the past years. Our track records have brought top-10 pharmaceutical and biotech customers totally by word-of-mouth with any business development and market efforts.

Antibody application validation platforms

Antibody application validation platforms are developed and built-in-house by Sino Biological. These technologies include western blot (WB) testing platform, immunohistochemistry (IHC) testing platform, flow cytometry (FACS / FCM) testing platform, immunofluorescence (IF) testing platform, and immunoprecipitation (IP) testing platform.


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