ABCB1 Protein Overview: Sequence, Structure, Function and Protein Interaction

ABCB1 Protein Overview

A cDNA encoding p170, a glycoprotein that is increased in membranes from multidrug-resistant cells (including the ones used by Fojo et al. (1986)) was cloned by Riordan et al. (1985). Roninson et al. (1986) found that multidrug resistance correlated with amplification of 2 related DNA sequences, designated MDR1 and MDR2 (MDR2 has been referred to by others as MDR3; see 171060). These sequences were isolated through their homology with the Chinese hamster mdr gene. MDR1 encodes a 4.5-kb mRNA and was amplified or overexpressed in all multidrug-resistant human cell lines analyzed. No mRNA corresponding to MDR2 was detected. MDR2 DNA sequences are coamplified with MDR1 in some but not all multidrug-resistant cell lines. Ueda et al. (1986) confirmed that the MDR1 gene codes for P-glycoprotein. Gros et al. (1986) isolated a cDNA that on transfer to an otherwise drug-sensitive cell conferred a complete multidrug-resistant phenotype. Since the cDNA was isolated from a drug-sensitive cell, mutations in the primary sequence of MDR were not required to produce multidrug resistance; thus, amplification is the mechanism of the resistance. Chen et al. (1986) and Gros et al. (1986) found that the class of mammalian membrane glycoproteins implicated in the phenomenon of multidrug resistance in tumor cells bears strong homology to a class of well-studied bacterial transport proteins. Chen et al. (1986) reported the sequence of the MDR cDNA of the human and Gros et al. (1986) reported that of the mouse.

ABCB1 protein family

Belongs to the ABC transporter superfamily. ABCB family. Multidrug resistance exporter (TC 3.A.1.201) subfamily.

ABCB1 protein name

Recommended name
Multidrug resistance protein 1
ABC20, CD243, GP170, multidrug resistance protein 1, P-gp

ABCB1 Protein Molecular Weight & PI

The parameters have been computed for the following feature

FT CHAIN 1-1280 Multidrug resistance protein 1.

Molecular weight (Da)


Theoretical pI


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