CD antigens related to T Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway

CD antigens are cells surface proteins as receptors. The CD antigens interaction are fundamental to cell signaling. Signal transduction is the process by which a cell recognizes changes in its environment and transforms that signal into modifications in cellular activity and gene expression. Cells receive information through a class of proteins known as receptors. When such CD antigen activate its receptor, the signal is carried into the cell usually by means of a second messenger.

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CD antigens chart related to T Cell Receptor Signaling Pathway

Name Alias Function
CD1b T6 Antigen presenting protein
CD1d R3G1 Antigen presenting protein
CD2 T11, LFA-2, SRBC-R, Erythrocyte receptor, LFA-3R Adhesion between T-cells and other cell types and T-cell activation.
CD3d T3D, IMD19, CD3-DELTA T-cell activation signaling and regulation of TCR expression
CD3e T3E, TCRE, CD3 epsilon T-cell activation signaling and regulation of TCR expression
CD3G T3G, IMD17, CD3-GAMMA T-cell activation signaling and regulation of TCR expression
CD4 T4 T-cell activation, thymic differentiation and receptor for HIV
CD5 T1, Tp67, LEU1 Regulates T-cell receptor signaling
CD6 T12, OX52, TP120 T-cell activation and cell adhesion
CD7 LEU 9, GP40, TP41 T-cell interactions
CD8a T8, Leu-2, MAL, CD8 alpha Co-receptor for MHC class 1 molecules
CD9 p24, MRP-1, 5H9 antigen, MIC3, TSPAN29, GIG2 Platelet activation and aggregation, and cell adhesion and cell motility
CD10 CALLA, NEP, gp100, Neprilysin, SFE, MME, EPN Peptidase, regulates B-cell growth
CD11c p150, 95, CR4, integrin αX, LFA-1A, ITGAX Cell adhesion
CD18 Integrin β2, ITGB2, MFI7 Adhesion, cell signaling
CD25 Tac, p55, IL2RA Receptor for IL2
CD26 DPP IV, DPP4, ADABP, ADCP2 Exoprotease. HIV pathogenesis
CD27 T14, TNFRSF 7, CD27L receptor Costimulation of B- and T-cell activation
CD28 TP44, T44 T-cell proliferation, survival, IL-2 production, and Th2 cell development
CD29 Integrin β1, ITGB1, FNRB Lymphocyte and endothelial adhesion, lymphocyte trafficking and transvascular migration
CD30 Ki-1, TNFRSF8 Regulates lymphocyte proliferation and cell death. Activation of NF-κB
CD31 PECAM-1 Cell adhesion. Plays a key role in leukocyte trafficking across endothelium
CD38 T10, ADPRC1, ADP ribosyl cyclase 1 Cell adhesion and signal transduction
CD39 NTPDase 1, ENTPD1 B-cell adhesion. Protects activated cells from lysis
CD40 TNFRSF5 Cell adhesion, cell proliferation, and signal transduction
CD43 Leukosialin, sialophorin, SPN Cell adhesion and T cell activation
CD44 H-CAM, Pgp-1, Epican, HUTCH-I, LHR, ECMR-III Cell adhesion and migration
CD45 LCA, T200, B220, PTPRC Critical for B- and T-cell receptor mediated activation. Regullar of cell growth and differentiation
CD47 IAP, MER6 Cell adhesion and signal transduction
CD48 Blast-1, BCM1 Cell adhesion and T-cell costimulation
CD49b VLA-2, ITGA2 Adhesion and platelet aggregation.
CD49e VLA-5, ITGA5 Adhesion, regulation of cell survival and apoptosis
CD49f VLA-6, ITGA6 Embryogenesis, adhesion and cell migration
CD50 ICAM-3 Adhesion and costimulation
CD52 CAMPATH-1, HE5, CDW52 Complement-mediated cell lysis and antibody-mediated cellular cytotoxicity
CD53 Tetraspanin-25, MOX44 Signal transduction. Cell adhesion, activation, and migration
CD54 ICAM-1 Cell adhesion, lymphocyte activation, and migration
CD55 DAF Regulates complement activation. Signal transduction
CD56 NCAM1 Homophilic and heterophilic adhesion
CD58 LFA-3 APC-T-cell adhesion. Killer target cell interaction.
CD59 Protectin, MAC- inhibitor Prevents complement polymerization. Protects cells from complement mediated lysis
CD62L L-selectin, LECAM-1, SELL Leukocyte rolling and homing on activated endothelium
CD63 LIMP, LAMP-3, MLA1 Cell growth and motility regulation; complexes with integrins
CD68 Macrosialin, gp110, KP1 Macrophage homing
CD69 AIM, CLEC2C, EA1 Signal transmission in NK cells and platelets
CD70 Ki-24, CD27L, TNFSF7 Induces proliferation of costimulated T-cells. Enhances the generation of cytotoxic T-cells and contributes to T-cell activation.
CD71 T9, TFRC Controls iron uptake during cell proliferation
CD73 5'-nucleotidase, NT5E Nucleotidase
CD74 LN2, Ii, DHLAG MHC class II antigen processing
CD80 B7, B7-1, BB1 Costimulation of T-cell activation and proliferation.
CD82 R2, KAI1, Tetraspanin-27 Signal transduction
CD84 SLAM5 Homophilic adhesion molecule. Enhances T-cell activation and cytokine production
CD87 UPA-R, PLAUR, MO3 Cell chemotaxis and adhesion
CD90 Thy-1 Costimulation of lymphocytes and cell adhesion
CD95 Apo-1, FASLG, APTL, TNFRSF6 Induces apoptosis
CD96 TACTILE Involved in adhesive interactions of activated T cells and NK cells
CD97 ADGRE5 Neutrophil migration, cell adhesion and signaling
CD99 MIC2, E2 Leukocyte migration, T-cell activation and cell adhesion
CD100 Semaphorin 4D, SEMA4D Enhancement of B-cell and dendritic cell responses
CD106 VCAM-1, L1CAM Leukocyte adhesion. Transmigration and costimulation of T-cells.
CD107a LAMP-1 Cell adhesion
CD108 Semaphorin 7A, SEMA7A Monocyte activator. Negative regulator of T-cell responses. Stimulates axon growth and guidance during development
CD124 IL4RA, IL4R Receptor for IL4 and IL13
CD126 IL-6R, IL6R, gp80 Receptor for IL6
CD127 IL-7R, IL7R Receptor for IL7
CD132 IL2RG, Common γ Forms complexes with other cell surface proteins including CD25, CD122, CD124, CD127 and others. Complexes with other cell surface proteins to form receptors for the cytokines IL2, IL4, IL7, IL9, and IL15.
CD146 MUC18, S-endo, MCAM Cell adhesion. Involved in heterophilic cell to cell interactions
CD148 HPTP-eta, DEP1, PTPRJ Tyrosine phosphatase cell signaling, cell growth and differentiation, mitotic cycle and oncogenic transformation
CD150 SLAM, SLAMF1, IPO-3 Costimulation of T-cells and B-cells
CD151 PETA-3, GP27, SFA-1 Cell adhesion.
CD157 BST-1 Synthesis of cyclic ADP-ribose and putative involvement in pre-B-cell growth
CD161 NKR-P1A, KLRB1 Inhibits NK cell mediated cytotoxicity. Induces immature thymocyte proliferation
CD162 PSGL-1, SELPLG Mediates rapid rolling of leukocytes over vascular surfaces during inflammation
CD166 ALCAM Mediates cell adhesion by binding to CD6 for intrathymic T-cell development
CD183 CXCR3 T-cell chemotaxis, integrin activation, and adhesion
CD212 IL-12-R β1, IL12RB1 Forms part of the receptor complexes for IL12 and IL23
CD223 LAG-3 Involved in lymphocyte activation, negative regulation of T-cell activation
CD252 OX40L, gp34 Ligand for receptor TNFRSF4. Co-stimulates T-cell proliferation and cytokine production
CD314 NKG2D, KLRK1 Receptor for the recognition of MHC class I HLA-E molecules by NK cells and some cytotoxic T-cells
CD362 Syndecan-2, HSPG, SDC2 Cell surface proteoglycan that bears heparan sulfate