CD339 antigens

CD339 antigens general information

CD339 Gene ID 182
CD339 Official Full Name jagged 1
CD339 Alias Jagged-1, JAG1, JAGL1, hJ1
CD339 Cellular Expression Endothelial; Epithelial
CD339 Ligand/Receptor/Association Notch1, 2, and 3
CD339 Function Ligand for multiple Notch receptors. Involved in the mediation of Notch signaling, cell fate determination in hematopoiesis and cardiovascular development
CD339 Summary The interleukin 2 (IL2) receptor alpha (IL2RA) and beta (IL2RB) chains, together with the common gamma chain (IL2RG), constitute the high-affinity IL2 receptor. Homodimeric alpha chains (IL2RA) result in low-affinity receptor, while homodimeric beta (IL2RB) chains produce a medium-affinity receptor. Normally an integral-membrane protein, soluble IL2RA has been isolated and determined to result from extracellular proteolyisis. Alternately-spliced IL2RA mRNAs have been isolated, but the significance of each is presently unknown. Mutations in this gene are associated with interleukin 2 receptor alpha deficiency.[provided by RefSeq, Nov 2009]

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