CD112 antigens

CD112 antigens general information

CD112 Gene ID 19294
CD112 Official Full Name poliovirus receptor-related 2
CD112 Alias PVRL2, PRR2, Nectin-2, HVEB
CD112 Cellular Expression Endothelial; Epithelial; Macrophage; monocytes; Platelet; Stem cell
CD112 Ligand/Receptor/Association CD226, Nectin-3, Afadin
CD112 Function Intracellular adhesion, component of adherins junctions. Receptor for herpes simplex virus
CD112 Summary Poliovirus receptor-related 2 (PVRL2), also known as nectin-2 and CD112 (formerly herpesvirus entry mediator B, HVEB), is a human plasma membrane glycoprotein.[1]

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