Simple Magnetic Separator

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Product Introduction

The MAGS001 magnetic separator can hold two tubes (1.5 mL & 2 mL). The magnetic separator was designed for immunoprecipitation (IP) applications: Standard IP, Co-IP, Chromatin IP (ChIP), or RNA IP (RIP). It contains high-energy magnets that the magnetic beads are pulled down in 3 seconds.
Simplicity—The separator is used for Sino Biological Immunomagnetic beads conjugated Protein A, Protein G, Protein L or IP antibodies decreasing the protocol time, making IP simple and fast.
This magnetic separator was made by three plastic planets and a Cylindrical magnet, which was adhere to a hole of the vertical planet. The horizontal planets were fixed to both ends of the vertical planet. We chose the N35 magnet for its strongest magnetic force. The magnet can attract 1um magnetic beads completely in 3seconds. It will take more time when the magnetic beads are smaller.

Product Image
Magnetic Separator
Simple Magnetic Separator Working Principle
Magnetic Separator
Products Cat No.
Immunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein A BA10600
Immunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein G BG13103
Immunoprecipitation Kit -Immunomagnetic Beads Protein L BL11044
Immunoprecipitation Kit -MYC Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100029
Immunoprecipitation Kit -GFP Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB13105
Immunoprecipitation Kit -HA Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100028
Immunoprecipitation Kit -V5 Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB100378
Immunoprecipitation Kit -GST Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB11213
Immunoprecipitation Kit -DYKDDDDK(Flag?)Tag Immunomagnetic Beads TB101274
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