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VSTM1 (V-Set And Transmembrane Domain Containing 1) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 19q13.42. VSTM1 is also known as SIRL1, SIRL-1 and UNQ3033. The human VSTM1 gene encodes a 26109 Da protein containing 236 amino acids. The VSTM1 protein is restrictedly expressed toward bone marrow. VSTM1 is related to cytokine activity. TARM1 is an important paralog of VSTM1 gene.

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        VSTM1 の背景知識

        V-set and transmembrane domain containing 1 (VSTM1) is a protein containing the V-set domains. V-set domains are immunoglobulin-like domains resembling the antibody variable region. V-set domains are found in many kinds of protein families, including immunoglobulin light and heavy chains, several T-cells such as CD2, CD4, CD80, and CD86, myelin membrane adhesion molecules, junction adhesion molecules (JAM), tyrosine-protein kinase receptors, and the programmed cell death protein1.

        VSTM1 の参考文献

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