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RAET1E (Retinoic Acid Early Transcript 1E) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 6q25.1. RAET1E is also known as RL-4, LETAL, ULBP4, N2DL-4, NKG2DL4, RAET1E2 and bA350J20.7. The human RAET1E gene encodes a 30122 Da protein containing 263 amino acids. The RAET1E protein is biasedly expressed in esophagus and skin. Among its related pathways are Immune response Role of DAP12 receptors in NK cells and Innate Immune System. RAET1E is related to peptide antigen binding and natural killer cell lectin-like receptor binding. ENSG00000285991 is an important paralog of RAET1E gene. RAET1E is associated with some diseases, such as Basidiobolomycosis.

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        The expressions of both RAET1E2 transcripts and protein can be found in different tumor cells and tissues.

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