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クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

In lentiviral vector

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TRP2 の背景知識

TRP-2 was identified as a second tumor antigen recognized by a HLA-A31–restricted CTL clone derived from the TIL586 cell line. The peptide LLPGGRPYR epitope was subsequently identified from the coding region of TRP-2 based on studies of the recognition of truncated TRP-2 cDNAs and the HLA-A31 binding motif. This epitope peptide was capable of sensitizing target cells for lysis by a CTL clone at 1 nM peptide concentration. Although some modified peptides could be recognized by the CTL clone, none were found to be better recognized by T cells than the parental peptide. Like other melamona differentiation antigens, TRP-2 was only expressed in melanoma, melanocytes, and retina, but not in other human tissues tested.

TRP2 の参考文献

  • Wang R F, Appella E, Kawakami Y, et al. Identification of TRP-2 as a human tumor antigen recognized by cytotoxic T lymphocytes[J]. The Journal of experimental medicine, 1996, 184(6): 2207-2216.

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