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All TGF-alpha reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 3 TGF-alpha Antibody, 26 TGF-alpha Gene, 1 TGF-alpha Protein, 2 TGF-alpha qPCR. All TGF-alpha reagents are ready to use.

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      クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

      In lentiviral vector


      クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

      In lentiviral vector

      TGF-alpha の背景知識

      The miR-137 served as a tumor suppressor in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and its suppressive effect is mediated by repressing TGFA expression. TGFA gene expression was significantly higher in tumor tissues compared to adjacent normal tissue and high TGFA gene expression strongly correlated with poor survival in patients with lung adenocarcinoma, and miR-374a suppresses lung adenocarcinoma cell proliferation and invasion via targeting TGFA gene expression. Transforming growth factor alpha (TGFA) is a well characterized mammalian growth factor which might contribute to the development of Cleft lip and palate (CL/P).

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