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PFDN4 (Prefoldin Subunit 4) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 20q13.2. PFDN4 is also known as C1 and PFD4. The human PFDN4 gene encodes a 15314 Da protein containing 134 amino acids. The PFDN4 protein is ubiquitously expressed in testis, endometrium and other tissues. Among its related pathways are Cooperation of Prefoldin and TriC/CCT in actin and tubulin folding and Metabolism of proteins. PFDN4 is related to unfolded protein binding and chaperone binding. PFDN4 is associated with some diseases, including Arthrogryposis, Distal, Type 2A and Arthrogryposis, Distal, Type 5.

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      PFDN4 の背景知識

      PFDN4 is a member of the prefoldin beta subunit family. It is one of six subunits of prefoldin, a molecular chaperone complex that binds and stabilizes newly synthesized polypeptides, thereby allowing them to fold correctly. The complex, consisting of two alpha and four beta subunits, forms a double beta barrel assembly with six protruding coiled-coils. PFDN4 binds specifically to cytosolic chaperonin (c-CPN) and transfers target proteins to it. PFDN4 also binds to nascent polypeptide chain and promotes folding in an environment in which there are many competing pathways for nonnative proteins.

      PFDN4 の参考文献

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