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PDZD11 (PDZ Domain Containing 11) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome Xq13.1. PDZD11 is also known as PISP, AIPP1 and PDZK11. The human PDZD11 gene encodes a 16131 Da protein containing 140 amino acids. The PDZD11 protein is ubiquitously expressed in brain, thyroid and other tissues. Among its related pathways are Metabolism of water-soluble vitamins and cofactors and Innate Immune System. PDZD11 is related to protein C-terminus binding. LIN7A is an important paralog of PDZD11 gene. PDZD11 is associated with some diseases, including Purulent Acute Otitis Media and Middle Ear Disease.

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      PDZD11 の背景知識

      PDZ domain-containing protein 11, also known as AIPP1a, PISP, PDZD11 and PDZK11, is a cytosolic protein that contains one PDZ (DHR) domain. PDZD11 bears resemblance to members of the MALS / VELIS family of proteins. It contains but one PDZ domain that apparently interacts with the C-terminus of partner proteins. PDZD11 is ubiquitously expressed, and appears to target calcium and copper ATPases to basolateral cell membranes. PDZD11 is a transiently interacting partner of the PMCA b-splice forms that may play a role in their sorting to or from the plasma membrane. Full-length human PDZD11 shares 97% amino acids (aa) identity with mouse PDZD11.

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