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PCBP2 (Poly(RC) Binding Protein 2) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 12q13.13. PCBP2 is also known as HNRPE2, HNRNPE2 and hnRNP-E2. The human PCBP2 gene encodes a 38580 Da protein containing 365 amino acids. The PCBP2 protein is ubiquitously expressed in kidney, thyroid and other tissues. Among its related pathways are RIG-I/MDA5 mediated induction of IFN-alpha/beta pathways and Innate Immune System. PCBP2 is related to nucleic acid binding and RNA binding. PCBP1 is an important paralog of PCBP2 gene. PCBP2 is associated with some diseases, including Semantic Dementia and Tremor, Hereditary Essential, 4.

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    Poly(rC) binding protein 2 (PCBP2) is an RNA-binding protein that contributes to mRNA stabilization, translational silencing and enhancement and it has been implicated as a promoter of gastric cancer growth.PCBP2, a member of the poly(C)-binding protein (PCBP) family, is involved in posttranscriptional and translational regulation by interacting with single-stranded poly(C) motifs in target mRNAs. Poly(C)binding protein 2 (PCBP2) is a member of the PCBP family, and plays an important role in posttranscriptional and translational regulation of various signaling molecules through direct binding to single-stranded poly(C) motifs. PCBP2 has been reported to play a critical role in the development of multiple human tumors.

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