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PACSIN2 (Protein Kinase C And Casein Kinase Substrate In Neurons 2, also known as SDPII), located on 22q13.2, is a Protein Coding gene. This gene is a member of the protein kinase C and casein kinase substrate in neurons family. PACSIN2 produces a 55739 Da protein composed of 486 amino acids. The PACSIN2 proteins contain a CDC15 N-terminal domain, a C-terminal SRC homology-3 (SH3) domain, 3 conserved regions specific to the PACSIN family, and 3 Asn-Pro-Phe (NPF) motifs, which potentially bind to EH domains. Diseases such as Thiopurines, Poor Metabolism Of, 1, and Skin Angiosarcoma are associated with PACSIN2.

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    PACSIN2 の背景知識

    PACSIN2/Syndapin II is one of the BAR domain-containing proteins and is localized at the necks of caveolae. PACSIN2 is thought to function in the scission and stabilization of caveolae, through binding to dynamin-2 and EHD2, respectively. These two functions are considered to be switched by PACSIN2 phosphorylation by protein kinase C (PKC) upon hypotonic stress and shear stress. The PACSIN2 phosphorylation decreases its membrane-binding activity, thereby decreasing its stabilizing effect on caveolae and triggering dynamin-mediated removal of caveolae. The F-BAR protein PACSIN2 is one of the most abundant BAR/F-BAR proteins in platelets and the only one reported to interact with the cytoskeletal and scaffold protein filamin A (FlnA), an essential regulator of platelet formation and function. Protein interaction between NS5A and PACSIN2 was confirmed by pulldown assay and further verified by both coimmunoprecipitation and immunofluorescence assays.

    PACSIN2 の参考文献

    • Senju Y, et al. (2015) Possible regulation of caveolar endocytosis and flattening by phosphorylation of f-bar domain protein pacsin2/syndapin ii. Bioarchitecture 5 (5-6): 70-77.
    • Senju Y, et al. (2015) Phosphorylation of pacsin2 by protein kinase c triggers the removal of caveolae from the plasma membrane. J Cell Sci 128 (15): 2766-2780.
    • Nguyen LP, et al. (2020) Pacsin2 interacts with nonstructural protein 5a and regulates hepatitis c virus assembly. J Virol 94 (5): e01531-19.
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