P5CS/ALDH18A1 Antibodies, cDNA Clones Research Reagents

All P5CS/ALDH18A1 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 1 P5CS/ALDH18A1 Antibody, 30 P5CS/ALDH18A1 Gene, 1 P5CS/ALDH18A1 IP Kit, 1 P5CS/ALDH18A1 qPCR. All P5CS/ALDH18A1 reagents are ready to use.

P5CS/ALDH18A1 Antibody (1)

    P5CS/ALDH18A1 cDNA Clone (30)


    クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

    In lentiviral vector


    クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

    In lentiviral vector

    P5CS/ALDH18A1 qPCR Primer (1)

    P5CS/ALDH18A1 の背景知識

    Mutations in ALDH18A1 can cause autosomal recessive and dominant hereditary spastic paraplegia and autosomal recessive and dominant cutis laxa. ALDH18A1 encodes delta-1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase (P5CS), which consists of two domains, the glutamate 5-kinase (G5K) and the gamma-glutamyl phosphate reductase (GR5P) domain. Vertebrate ALDH18A1 genes encode a bifunctional mitochondrial enzyme, catalyzing a 2-step conversion of glutamate to glutamyl semialdehyde, subsequently converted into proline, ornithine and arginine.

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