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OTUB2 (OTU Deubiquitinase, Ubiquitin Aldehyde Binding 2) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 14q32.12. OTUB2 is also known as OTB2, OTU2 and C14orf137. The human OTUB2 gene encodes a 27213 Da protein containing 234 amino acids. The OTUB2 protein is broadly expressed in testis, skin and other tissues. Among its related pathways are Ovarian tumor domain proteases and Metabolism of proteins. OTUB2 is related to hydrolase activity and omega peptidase activity. OTUB1 is an important paralog of OTUB2 gene. OTUB2 is associated with some diseases, including Haverhill Fever and Oliver-Mcfarlane Syndrome.

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      OTUB2 の背景知識

      Otubain 2 (OTUB2) is a member of DUBs that belong to the ovarian tumour (OTU) superfamily of proteins which consists of a five-stranded β-sheet sandwiched in between a small helical amino-terminal region consisting of α1 and α2, and a large helical region comprised of α3-α10. Like other DUBs, otubain 2 (OTUB2) cleaves proteins precisely at the ubiquitin-protein bond so that ubiquitylation process can be reversed and regulated. Otubain 2 (OTUB2)'s active-site cleft is sterically occluded by a novel loop conformation resulting in an oxyanion hole, which consists uniquely of backbone amides. Furthermore, the residues that orient and stabilize the active-site histidine of otubain 2 (OTUB2) are different from other cysteine proteases. This reorganization of the active-site topology provides a possible explanation for the low turnover and substrate specificity of the otubains.

      OTUB2 の参考文献

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