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NT5C1A (5'-Nucleotidase, Cytosolic IA, also known as CN1; CNI; CN-I; CN1A; CN-IA), located on 1p34.2, is a Protein Coding gene. Cytosolic nucleotidases, such as NT5C1A, dephosphorylate nucleoside monophosphates. The gene produces a 41021 Da protein composed of 368 amino acids. It is 83% identical to the pigeon protein, and both proteins contain a Walker B motif, 3 kinase-2 motifs, a kinase-3A motif, and 3 nucleoside monophosphate-binding motifs. Diseases such as Epiphyseal Chondrodysplasia, Miura Type, and Inclusion Body Myositis are associated with NT5C1A.

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    Sporadic inclusion body myositis (sIBM) is an inflammatory myopathy (IIM) without a specific diagnostic biomarker until autoantibodies to the cytosolic 5'-nucleotidase 1A (NT5c1A/Mup44) were reported. Prior investigations demonstrated that autoantibodies recognizing cytosolic 5'-nucleotidase 1A (NT5C1A) are found in 33-76% of patients with inclusion body myositis (IBM) but are observed only rarely in patients with polymyositis (PM). Thus, anti-NT5C1A may help distinguish IBM from PM. Cytosolic 5'-nucleotidase 1A (NT5C1A) dephosphorylates non-cyclic nucleoside monophosphates to produce nucleosides and inorganic phosphates. Seropositivity to the NT5c1A antibody is associated with greater motor and functional disability in sIBM. The study also suggests more prominent bulbar, facial, and respiratory involvement in individuals positive for NT5c1A antibodies.

    NT5C1A の参考文献

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