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NDE1 (NudE Neurodevelopment Protein 1, also known as NDE; LIS4; MHAC; NUDE; NUDE1; HOM-TES-87), located on 16p13.11, is a Protein Coding gene. The NDE1 gene encodes a protein with a role in mitosis. The protein belongs to the nuclear distribution E (NudE) family and plays an essential role in microtubule organization, mitosis, and neuronal migration. NDE1 is localized at the centrosome and interacts with other centrosome components as part of a multiprotein complex that regulates dynein function. NDE1 and LIS1 interact and are involved in cerebral cortical development.

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    NDE1 の背景知識

    Nuclear distribution element 1 (NDE1, also known as NudE), located within chromosome 16p13.11, plays an essential role in microtubule organization, mitosis, and neuronal migration and has been suggested by several studies of rare copy number variants to be a promising schizophrenia (SCZ) candidate gene. Nde1 is a key regulator of cytoplasmic dynein, binding directly to both dynein itself and the dynein adaptor, Lis1. Nde1 and Lis1 are thought to function together to promote dynein function, yet mutations in each result in distinct neurodevelopment phenotypes. NDE1 and NDE-like 1 (NDEL1, also known as Nudel) are paralogous proteins essential for mitosis and neurodevelopment that have been implicated in psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. The two proteins possess high sequence similarity and have been shown to physically interact with one another.

    NDE1 の参考文献

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