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MXI1 (MAX Interactor 1, Dimerization Protein, also known as MXI; MAD2; MXD2; bHLHc11), located on 10q25.2, is a Protein Coding gene. The protein encoded by this gene is a transcriptional repressor thought to negatively regulate MYC function and is therefore a potential tumor suppressor. The MXI1 protein contains a bHLH-ZIP motif that is similar to that found in Myc family proteins. MXI1 interacts specifically with MAX to form a sequence-specific DNA-binding protein complex that recognizes the core sequence 5'-CAC[GA]TG-3'.

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    MXI1 の背景知識

    MAX interactor 1 (Mxi1) proteins are c-Myc antagonists that primarily exert their biological functions by inhibiting Myc-dependent gene transcription. Mxi1 belongs to the Myc/Max/Mad network of proteins that have been implicated in the control of multiple aspects of cellular behavior. The Mxi1 protein functions in a regulatory network with members of the c-Myc family, in which c-Myc activates transcription and stimulates cell proliferation, and Mxi1 negatively regulates these actions. Inactivation of the MXI1 gene could, therefore, inhibit differentiation and enhance proliferation in the presence of normal levels of c-Myc, and thus MXI1 is a potential tumor suppressor gene. Max interactor-1 (MXI1), an antagonist of c-Myc that is involved in brain tumor progression, has been reported to be deregulated in a variety of tumors including glioma. Mxi1 is a transcriptional repressor and inhibits the proliferation of NB cells, suggesting that Mxi1 functions as an N-Myc antagonist.

    MXI1 の参考文献

    • Zhou J, et al. (2013) Microrna-155 promotes glioma cell proliferation via the regulation of mxi1. PLoS One 8 (12): e83055.
    • Wu L, et al. (2015) Cxcl10 expression induced by mxi1 inactivation induces mesangial cell apoptosis in mouse habu nephritis. Cell Signal 27 (5): 943-950.
    • Wechsler DS, et al. (1997) Mxi1, a putative tumor suppressor gene, suppresses growth of human glioblastoma cells. Cancer Res 57 (21): 4905-4912.

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