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MSRB2 (Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase B2, also known as CBS1; MSRB; PILB; CBS-1; CGI-131), located on 10p12.2, is a Protein Coding gene. The gene produces a 19536 Da protein composed of 182 amino acids. MSRB2 catalyzes the stereospecific reduction of methionine-R-sulfoxides to methionines. It has an N-terminal signal peptide, followed by a glycine-rich region and a C-terminal domain. Diseases such as Myotonia Congenita and Coffin-Siris Syndrome 1 are associated with MSRB2. The related pathways of MSRB2 include Protein repair and Metabolism of proteins.

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    MSRB2 (Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase B2) is a Protein Coding gene. MSRB2 belongs to the MsrB Met sulfoxide reductase family and functions in mitochondrial oxidative stress defense. It is a methionine-sulfoxide reductase that specifically reduces methionine (R)-sulfoxide back to methionine. The mitochondrial MSRB2 is a specific interaction partner of LG72, which is involved in the regulation of mitochondrial oxidative stress. It is widely expressed in the heart, liver, and other tissues. CaMSRB2 confers drought tolerance to rice, as evidenced by less oxidative stress symptoms and a strengthened PSII quantum yield under stress conditions, and increased survival rate and chlorophyll index after the re-watering. CaMSRB2 might play an important functional role in chloroplasts for conferring drought stress tolerance in rice.

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