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MRPL12 (Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein L12, also known as 5c5-2; L12mt; MRPL7; RPML12; MRPL7/L12; MRP-L31/34), located on 17q25.3, is a Protein Coding gene. The MRPL12 gene encodes a protein of the large subunit of the mitochondrial ribosome, and thus plays a role in mitochondrial translation. MRPL12 associates with mitochondrial RNA polymerase to activate transcription. MRPL12 is the first mammalian mitochondrial ribosomal protein to be characterized. The predicted 198-amino acid protein has a 49-amino acid N-terminal mitochondrial targeting sequence.

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    MRPL12 の背景知識

    Scientists have characterized a new delayed-early response mRNA encoding a 21-kDa product (MRPL12) that accumulates during the G1 phase of growth-stimulated cells. MRPL12 is the mammalian homolog to chloroplastic and bacterial L12 ribosomal proteins. MRPL12 proteins are associated in vitro and cofractionate with ribosomal structures, as is the case for prokaryotic L12 proteins. Expression of a dominant inhibitory truncated protein leads to a severe reduction in cell growth by inhibiting mitochondrial ATP production. MRPL12 is the first mammalian mitochondrial ribosomal protein to be characterized. The human MRPL12 protein is encoded by a unique gene located on chromosome 17 (q25-qter). As no predisposition to colon cancer linked to this chromosomal region was hitherto reported, the MRPL12 gene might be involved in the process of differentiation of colonic epithelial cells.

    MRPL12 の参考文献

    • Marty L, et al. (1997) Expression and human chromosomal localization to 17q25 of the growth-regulated gene encoding the mitochondrial ribosomal protein mrpl12. Genomics 41 (3): 453-457.
    • Marty L, et al. (1996) A delayed-early response nuclear gene encoding mrpl12, the mitochondrial homologue to the bacterial translational regulator l7/l12 protein. J Biol Chem 271 (19): 11468-11476.

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