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IZUMO4 (IZUMO Family Member 4, also known as C19orf36; IMAGE:4215339), located on 19p13.3, is a Protein Coding gene. The gene produces a 26510 Da protein composed of 232 amino acids. Members of the IZUMO family, such as IZUMO4, are expressed in sperm and have potential roles in sperm-egg fusion. Among mammals, IZUMO4 is the most conserved family member, and IZUMO1 is the least conserved. Unlike IZUMO1, IZUMO2, and IZUMO3, IZUMO4 lacks the transmembrane domain. IZUMO is a sperm membrane protein that plays a key role in the fusion in the mouse. The related pathways of IZUMO4 include Fertilization.

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      IZUMO4 の背景知識

      Izumo is a sperm membrane protein that plays a key role in the fusion in the mouse. It has an Immunoglobulin (Ig) domain and an N-terminal domain for which neither the functions nor homologous sequences are known. Up to now, there four members has an N-terminal domain with significant homology to the N-terminal domain of Izumo. We call this domain the Izumo domain. The four proteins are Izumo 1, 2, 3, and 4. Izumo domain possesses the ability to form dimers, whereas the transmembrane domain or the cytoplasmic domain, or both of Izumo 1 are required for the formation of multimers of a higher order. Izumo 1-3 are transmembrane proteins expressed specifically in the testis, and Izumo 4 is a soluble protein expressed in the testis and other tissues. Izumo 1, 3, and 4 formed protein complexes on sperm, Izumo 1 forming several larger complexes, and Izumo 3 and 4 forming a single larger complex. Co-immunoprecipitation studies showed the presence of other sperm proteins associated with Izumo 1, suggesting Izumo 1 forms a multiprotein membrane complex.

      IZUMO4 の参考文献

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