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All GBA/glucocerebrosidase reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 15 GBA/glucocerebrosidase Gene, 1 GBA/glucocerebrosidase Lysate, 1 GBA/glucocerebrosidase Protein, 1 GBA/glucocerebrosidase qPCR. All GBA/glucocerebrosidase reagents are ready to use.

GBA/glucocerebrosidase Protein (1)

    GBA/glucocerebrosidase cDNA Clone (15)


    クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

    In lentiviral vector


    In expression vector


    クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

    GBA/glucocerebrosidase qPCR Primer (1)

    GBA/glucocerebrosidase Lysate (1)

      GBA/glucocerebrosidase の背景知識

      Mutations in the GBA gene, encoding the lysosomal hydrolase glucocerebrosidase (GCase), are the most common known genetic risk factor for Parkinson's disease (PD) and dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB). ASAH1 (acid ceramidase 1) and GBA2 (glucocerebrosidase 2) enzymes that mediate glucosylsphingosine production and metabolism are attractive therapeutic targets for treating mutant GBA-associated PD.

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