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All Flt3 Ligand reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 4 Flt3 Ligand Antibody, 27 Flt3 Ligand Gene, 3 Flt3 Ligand Lysate, 3 Flt3 Ligand Protein, 2 Flt3 Ligand qPCR. All Flt3 Ligand reagents are ready to use.

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      クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

      In lentiviral vector


      クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

      In lentiviral vector


      In expression vector

      Flt3 Ligand Lysate (3)

        Flt3 Ligand の背景知識

        FLT3L, also known as flt3 ligand, is a small molecule that acts as a growth factor that increases the number of immune cells by activating the hematopoietic progenitors. In vivo, FLT3L also induces the mobilization of the hematopoietic progenitors and stem cells. This may help the system to kill cancer cells. Dendritic cells (DCs) provide the key link between innate and adaptive immunity by recognizing pathogens and priming pathogen-specific immune responses. FLT3L controls the development of DCs and is particularly important for plasmacytoid DCs and CD8 -positive classical DCs and their CD103 -positive tissue counterparts.

        Flt3 Ligand の参考文献

        • Hannum C, et al. (1994) Ligand for FLT3/FLK2 receptor tyrosine kinase regulates growth of haematopoietic stem cells and is encoded by variant RNAs. Nature 368 (6472): 643-8.
        • Lyman SD, et al. (1995) Identification of soluble and membrane-bound isoforms of the murine flt3 ligand generated by alternative splicing of mRNAs. Oncogene 10 (1): 149-57.
        • Lyman SD, et al. (1994) Molecular cloning of a ligand for the flt3/flk-2 tyrosine kinase receptor: a proliferative factor for primitive hematopoietic cells. Cell 75 (6): 1157-67.

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