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      ENTPD2 の背景知識

      NTPDase 2, also known as ENTPD2, belongs to the ecto-nucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase family (E-NTPDase). Members of E-NTPDase family are nucleotidases able to hydrolyze 5′-nucleoside tri- and/or diphosphates; the main role of these enzymes is the termination of purinergic signaling. NTPDases are ubiquitous and were previously shown in other parasites including the trypanosomatides of genus Leishmania and in T. brucei. NTPase activity would act as a timer and is crucial to T. gondii infection. In L. pneumophila it was demonstrated that an E-NTPDase, similar to CD39, is essential for intracellular bacterial multiplication. NTPDase 2 is an integral membrane protein. In the nervous system, it could hydrolyze ATP and other nucleotides to regulate purinergic neurotransmission. Alternative splicing of NTPDase 2 gene results in multiple transcript variants.

      ENTPD2 の参考文献

      • Harden TK, et al. (2005) Regulation of P2Y1 receptor-mediated signaling by the ectonucleoside triphosphate diphosphohydrolase isozymes NTPDase1 and NTPDase2. Mol Pharmacol. 67(1): 114-22.
      • Dranoff JA, et al. (2005) Ectonucleotidase NTPDase2 is selectively down-regulated in biliary cirrhosis. J Investig Med. 52(7):475-82.
      • Jhandier MN, et al.. (2005) Portal fibroblasts regulate the proliferation of bile duct epithelia via expression of NTPDase2. J Biol Chem. 280(24):22986-92.
      • Mukasa T, et al. (2005) Either the carboxyl- or the amino-terminal region of the human ecto-ATPase (E-NTPDase 2) confers detergent and temperature sensitivity to the chicken ecto-ATP-diphosphohydrolase (E-NTPDase 8). Biochemistry. 44(33):11160-70.

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