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      CRABP1 の背景知識

      CRABP1 is a specific binding protein for a vitamin A family member. It is thought that CRABP1 plays an important role in retinoic acid-mediated differentiation and proliferation processes. CRABP1 is structurally similar to the cellular retinol-binding proteins, but binds only retinoic acid at specific sites within the nucleus, which may contribute to vitamin A-directed differentiation in epithelial tissue. It forms a beta-barrel structure which accommodates hydrophobic ligands in its interior.

      CRABP1 の参考文献

      • Wu Q. et al., 2007, Mol Cancer. 6: 45.
      • Tanaka K. et al., 2007, Oncogene. 26 (44): 6456-68.
      • Lind GE. et al., 2007, Cell Oncol. 28 (5-6): 259-72.

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