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All CKMT1A reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 3 CKMT1A Antibody, 30 CKMT1A Gene, 2 CKMT1A IP Kit, 1 CKMT1A Lysate, 1 CKMT1A Protein, 1 CKMT1A qPCR. All CKMT1A reagents are ready to use.

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      クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

      In lentiviral vector


      クローニングベクター cDNA 製品

      In lentiviral vector

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        CKMT1A の背景知識

        CKMT1A belongs to the ATP:guanido phosphotransferase family. It contains 1 phosphagen kinase C-terminal domain and 1 phosphagen kinase N-terminal domain. CKMT1A gene is one of two genes that encodes the ubiquitous mitochondrial creatine kinase (CKMT1). CKMT1 is responsible for the transfer of high energy phosphate from mitochondria to the cytosolic carrier, creatine. It belongs to the creatine kinase isoenzyme family. It exists as two isoenzymes, sarcomeric MtCK (CKMT2) and ubiquitous MtCK, encoded by separate genes. CKMT1 occurs in two different oligomeric forms: dimers and octamers, in contrast to the exclusively dimeric cytosolic creatine kinase isoenzymes. Ubiquitous mitochondrial creatine kinase has 80% homology with the coding exons of sarcomeric CKMT1.

        CKMT1A の参考文献

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