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SNCA (Synuclein Alpha) is a protein coding gene located on human chromosome 4q22.1. SNCA is also known as PD1, NACP, PARK1 and PARK4. The human SNCA gene encodes a 14460 Da protein containing 140 amino acids. The SNCA protein is biasedly expressed in brain, bone marrow and other tissues. Among its related pathways are Neuroscience and Parkinsons Disease Pathway. SNCA is related to calcium ion binding and enzyme binding. SNCB is an important paralog of SNCA gene. SNCA is associated with some diseases, including Dementia, Lewy Body and Parkinson Disease 1, Autosomal Dominant.

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      Alpha-Synuclein (alpha-Syn), also known as NACP or SNCA, exists as at least two structural isoforms: one is helix-rich, membrane-bound form that both the N- and C-terminal regions of alpha-synuclein are tightly associated with membranes and the other is disordered, cytosolic form. Synuclein is found predominantly in the presynaptic termini, in both free or membrane-bound forms. SNCA is extensively localized in nucleus of neurons. It has been shown that alpha-Synuclein was highly expressed in the mitochondria in olfactory bulb, hippocampus, striatum, and thalamus, where the cytosolic alpha-Synuclein was also rich. Normally the unstructured soluble type of alpha-synuclein can aggregate to form insoluble fibrils in pathological conditions characterized by Lewy bodies, such as Parkinson's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies and multiple system atrophy. SNCA abnormality and mitochondrial deficiency are two major changes in the brain of patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). Besides, alpha-synuclein is an abundant component of Lewy bodies in sporadic Parkinson's disease and diffuse Lewy body disease.

      alpha-Synuclein の参考文献

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      • Arima K, et al. (1998) NACP / alpha-synuclein immunoreactivity in fibrillary components of neuronal and oligodendroglial cytoplasmic inclusions in the pontine nuclei in multiple system atrophy. Acta Neuropathol. 96 (5): 439-44.
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