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All ADD1/adducin 1 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 2 ADD1/adducin 1 Antibody, 16 ADD1/adducin 1 Gene, 1 ADD1/adducin 1 IP Kit. All ADD1/adducin 1 reagents are ready to use.

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    ADD1/adducin 1 の背景知識

    The alpha-adducin (ADD1) is a subunit of adducin which is a cytoskeleton heterodimeric protein. Adducin participates in oocytes chromosome meiosis of mice, prompting adducin has an effect on embryonic development. Adipocyte determination- and differentiation-dependent factor 1 (ADD1) plays important roles in lipid metabolism and insulin-dependent gene expression. Because insulin stimulates carbohydrate and lipid synthesis, it would be important to decipher how the transcriptional activity of ADD1/SREBP1c is regulated in the insulin signaling pathway. Adipocyte determination and differentiation dependent factor 1 (ADD1)/sterol regulatory element binding protein isoform (SREBP1c) is a key transcription factor in fatty acid metabolism and insulin- dependent gene expression. Adipocyte determination and differentiation-dependent factor 1 (ADD1) is a member of the basic helix-loop-helix leucine zipper (bHLH-LZ) family of transcription factors that binds to two distinct DNA sequences and has been associated with both adipocyte development and cholesterol homeostasis (where it has been termed SREBP1).

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