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      ACBD7 の背景知識

      ACBD7, acyl-CoA-binding domain-containing protein 7, is a small (1 Kd) protein that contains 1 ACB (acyl-CoA-binding) domain. The ACB domain consists of four alpha-helices arranged in a bowl shape with a highly exposed acyl-CoA-binding site. The ligand is bound through specific interactions with residues on the protein, most notably several conserved positive charges that interact with the phosphate group on the adenosine-3'phosphate moiety, and the acyl chain is sandwiched between the hydrophobic surfaces of CoA and the protein. Other proteins containing an ACB domain include: ACBP (acyl-CoA-binding protein), ACBD3, ACBD4, ACBD5, ACBD6.

      ACBD7 の参考文献

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