MAPK6 (タンパク質 | 抗体 | cDNA クローン | ELISA キット)

All MAPK6 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 1 MAPK6 Antibody, 30 MAPK6 Gene, 2 MAPK6 qPCR. All MAPK6 reagents are ready to use.

MAPK6 の背景知識

MAPK signaling is a critical pathway in many biological processes.MAPK6 is most highly expressed in liver cancer samples. A divergent lncRNA (long noncoding RNA) of MAPK6, termed lncMAPK6 here, is also overexpressed along with liver tumorigenesis.MAPK6 was the most highly expressed MAPK component in liver cancer and liver TICs and lncMAPK6 participated in the transcriptional regulation of MAPK6in cis.