CD151 (タンパク質 | 抗体 | cDNA クローン | ELISA キット)

All CD151 reagents are produced in house and quality controlled, including 3 CD151 Antibody, 53 CD151 Gene, 3 CD151 qPCR. All CD151 reagents are ready to use.

CD151 の背景知識

Tspan8 and CD151 are metastasis-promoting tetraspanins and a knockdown (kd) of Tspan8 or CD151 and most pronounced of both tetraspanins affects the metastatic potential of the rat pancreatic adenocarcinoma line ASML. CD151- and Tspan8-competent tumor exosomes support matrix degradation, reprogram stroma and hematopoietic cells and drive non-metastatic ASML-CD151/Tspan8kd cells towards a motile phenotype. Distinct contributions of CD151 and Tspan8 to skin wound healing rely on preferentially CD151 anchoring basal keratinocytes and Tspan8 promoting motility. Transfection of non-permissive PK-15 cells with porcine CD151 cDNA conferred the susceptibility to PRRSV infection, indicating an important role of the porcine CD151 in PRRSV infection of porcine cells.