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Molecular Biology CRO Service

Gene Cloning CRO Service

Gene Synthesis CRO Service

Expression-Ready Vector Construction CRO Service

Gene Expression Validation Service Package

Real Time PCR CRO Service

  • Real time PCR Primer and Probe Design Service
  • qPCR / pRT-PCR Analysis Service

Plasmid Production CRO Service

Antibody Production CRO Service

high-throughput mini-scale (0.1 – 1 mg) antibody production high-throughput small scale (1-10 mg) antibody production high-throughput mid-scale (10-100mg) antibody production large scale (100mg -1g) antibody production Super-scale (1-100g) Mab production by transient transfection Super-scale (1-100g) Mab production by stable CHO cells ScFv antibody fragment production antibody Fab production Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Rat Monoclonal Antibody Production Service Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production Service

Antibody Humanization CRO Service

Chimeric Antibody Engineering Services Mouse Antibody Humanization Services Rabbit Antibody Humanization Services Antibody Fc Engineering Services Antibody Affinity Maturation Services

Protein Production CRO Service

Protein Production by transient transfection in HEK293 cells Protein Production by transient transfection in CHO cells Protein Production by stable CHO cells Protein Production by Insect Cell/baculovirus Protein Production by Yeast cells Protein Production by E. coli. fermentation

Molecular Biology Service

Molecule biology has been the foundation of modern life science research and biomedical advancement. Molecular biology techniques have been widely employed in virtually all biology laboratories and biotech companies. However, many biology laboratories still choose to outsource their daily molecular biology word to professional CRO service provider, because they can take advantages of the service provider's professional team, platform, resources, and economy of scale.

Sino Biological has been a leader in recombinant protein and monoclonal antibody development and production. We have established a very large capacity in molecular biology and protein production. Our comprehensive list of molecular biology services include:
Gene cloning services
Gene synthesis services
Gene mutagenesis Services
Expression vector construction services
Expression validation services
qPCR services
Plasmid production services

Our molecular biology service has been reliable and cost attractive. Many customers ........ <Learn More>

Biology CRO Service
Biology CRO Service Introduction
Antibody Production & Development CRO Service
- Antibody CRO Service Description
- Antibody Service Q&A
- Antibody /Mab Production CRO Service
- Antibody Purification Service
- Antibody Humanization Service / Services
- Custom Antibody Development Service / Services
Protein Production CRO Service
- Protein Prodution Service description
- Protein protuction Capacity decription
- Description of Protein Production Experience and Track Records
- Protein production technology platform description
- Custom Protein Production project-service model
- transient transfection protein production service
- Protein production service in CHO cell culture stable production
- Protein Production Service in Insect Cell /Baculovirus Expression
- Protein Production Service in Yeast Expression System
- Protein Production Service in E. coli. Cells
- Protein Refolding Service / Protein Production Service in E. coli.
- Poly His-tag Protein Production & Purification Service
- DYKDDDDK-Tag (FLAG-Tag) Protein Production & Purification Service
- Fc-fusion-tag / Fc-Chimeric Protein Production & Purification Service
- HA-tag Protein Production & Purification Service
- Myc-tag Protein Production & Purification Service
- GST-fusion-tag Protein Production & Purification Service
Transient Transfection Service: Mammalian Cell Culture
- Transient Transfection Service Description
- HEK293 Cell Transient Transfection Service
- CHO Cell Transient Transfection Service
- Transient Transfection Service for Antibody Production
- Transient Transfection Service for Protein Production
Molecular Biology CRO Service
- Molecular Biology Service Description
- Gene Cloning CRO Service
- Gene Expression Vector Construction CRO Service
- Gene Synthesis CRO Service
- Real-time PCR Service: Gene Expression Analysis by qPCR