IL-4R / CD124 Neutralizing Antibody


IL-4R / CD124 Neutralizing Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal 抗体) の製品情報

IL-4R / CD124 Neutralizing Antibody
Reacts with: Human
Human IL4R
No cross-reactivity with Mouse IL4R (Catalog # 51180-M08H) and Rat IL4R (Catalog # 80198-R08H) in ELISA assay
Recombinant Human IL-4R / CD124 Protein (Catalog#10402-H08H)
This antibody was obtained from a rabbit immunized with purified, recombinant Human IL-4R / CD124 (rh IL-4R / CD124; Catalog#10402-H08H; NP_000409.1; Met1-His232) and was produced using recombinant antibody technology.
Monoclonal Rabbit IgG Clone #R401
Protein A
0.2 μm filtered solution in Histidine and Arginine buffer containing 120mM NaCl, 0.02% Tween 80, pH6.0
< 3 EU/mg
This antibody is shipped as liquid solution at ambient temperature. Upon receipt, store it immediately at the temperature recommended below.
This antibody can be stored at 2℃-8℃ for one month without detectable loss of activity. Antibody products are stable for twelve months from date of receipt when stored at -20℃ to -80℃. Preservative-Free. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

IL-4R / CD124 Neutralizing Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal 抗体) 検証済のアプリケーション

Block: In a functional ELISA, 1.2 µg/mL of the Rabbit Anti-Human IL4R Monoclonal antibody (Catalog # 10402-R401) will block 50% of the binding of 2 µg/mL of Human IL4 (Catalog # 11846-HNAE) to immobilized Recombinant Human IL4R (Catalog # 10402-H08H) ) coated at 0.5 µg/mL (100 µL/well) . At 5 μg/mL, this antibody will block >90% of the binding.
Neutralization: The neutralization activity of IL4R Neutralizing Antibody is Measured by its ability to neutralize IL4 induced proliferation in the human erythroleukemia cell line (TF-1) . The Neutralization titer (IC50) is typically 1-4 ng/mL in the presence of 0.2 ng/mL Recombinant Human IL4.
Please Note: Optimal concentrations/dilutions should be determined by the end user.

IL-4R / CD124 Neutralizing Antibody (Rabbit Monoclonal 抗体) の画像

Cell Proliferation Induced by IL4 was Neutralized by Human IL4R Antibody. Recombinant Human IL4 stimulates proliferation in the TF-1 human erythroleukemia cell line. Proliferation elicited by Recombinant Human IL4 (0.2 ng/mL) is neutralized by increasing concentrations of Human IL4R Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog # 10402-R401). The IC50 is typically 1-4 ng/mL.

IL-4R / CD124 Neutralizing Antibody: 別名

Anti-CD124 Antibody; Anti-IL-4RA Antibody; Anti-IL4R Antibody; Anti-IL4RA Antibody

IL4R 背景情報

The cluster of differentiation (CD) system is commonly used as cell markers in immunophynotyping. Different kinds of cells in the immune system can be identified through the surface CD molecules which associating with the immune function of the cell. There are more than 32 CD unique clusters and subclusters have been identified. Some of the CD molecules serve as receptors or ligands important to the cell through initiating a signal cascade which then alter the behavior of the cell. Some CD proteins do not take part in cell signal process but have other functions such as cell adhesion. CD124, also known as interleukin 4 receptor (IL4R), is a typeⅠ transmembrane protein that can regulate IgE antibody production in B cells through binding to interleukin 4 and interleukin 13 and promote differentiation of Th2 cells through binding to interleukin 4. The membrane-bound form of CD124 can be hydrolyzed to soluble form which can inhibit IL4-mediated cell proliferation and IL5 upregulation by T-cells.
interleukin 4 receptor
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