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Mouse ALDOB Gene cDNA clone plasmid

発現宿主: E. coli  
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Mouse ALDOB cdna-clone 参考文献
  • Cox TM. (1994) Aldolase B and fructose intolerance. FASEB J. 8(1): 62-71.
  • Malay AD, et al. (2005) Structure of the thermolabile mutant aldolase B, A149P: molecular basis of hereditary fructose intolerance. J Mol Biol. 347(1): 135-44.
  • Susan PP, et al. (2001) Starvation-induced lysosomal degradation of aldolase B requires glutamine 111 in a signal sequence for chaperone-mediated transport. J Cell Physiol. 187(1): 48-58.
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