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Biology CRO Service for Protein, Antibody and Gene: Premium Quality at Affordable Cost

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Protein Production & Purification CRO Service

Antibody Production & Development Service

Track Records & Key Facts

  • • >400 Scientists & Engineers
  • • > 10,000 Mab Production
  • • > 5000 Protein Bulk Production
  • • > 10,000 high quality antibody development
  • • 1-100mg Mab Production in 3-6 weeks
  • • 1-10 gram Mab Production in 6-8 weeks
  • • >100 Bioreactors (2L - 300L)
  • • Preferred CRO Partner for Multiple well-known Pharmas

Protein & Antibody CRO Service Description

One-Stop-Shop Biology (Antibody & Protein) Service at Sino Biological

Based on cutting-edge platform technologies, Sino Biological offers premium quality full services for biological research and development to customers worldwide. Our value-added services include:

• Risk-free antibody production service (mg to 100 gram scales)
• Recombinant protein production services
• Custom antibody development services
• Royalty-free antibody humanization services
• Antibody purification services
• Molecular Biology services
• Analytical biology services

Antibody Production Services: risk-free, fee-for-service, payment on delivery

With years of process development, Sino Biological has built one of the better antibody production platforms for rapid and high-throughput antibody production and large scale antibody bulk production. From gene sequence to 10 grams of purified antibodies, it only take just a few weeks to deliver the product to your door. The advanced technology allows significant timing-saving and cost-saving. Many large pharmaceutical companies have taken advantages of our platform to support their in-house antibody discovery and development programs.

Our premium quality antibody production services include a range of antibody production services from high-throughput small scale production to GLP grade large-scale (1-100 gram) antibody production. Our antibody production service has a track record of almost 100% success rate for thousands of antibodies that we have produced for customers worldwide in the past seven years (2008-2014). Dependable and reliable delivery of antibody products on target time has been highly praised by our customers. The successful production of over 10,000 monoclonal antibodies over the last seven years (2008-2014) have attracted well-known multi-national pharmaceutical customers as well as small biotech companies worldwide through word-of-mouth, as we have not done much business development or advertisement in the past. In 2015, we are starting to promote our antibody production services to all research institutions and companies worldwide, as we believe more customers can benefit greatly from our capacity and experience.

Our antibody production, regardless of scales, is risk-free to customers. We guarantee quality and deliverables. Customers only need to pay if we can deliver the products.

Antibody Development Services: High-Quality Antibody Development

Sino Biological has developed a comprehensive set of antibody technologies for antibody development, antibody humanization, and antibody production. The platform offers great value to our customers for their antibody discovery and development projects. It provides a solid foundation to ensure high quality of service and high success rate as well as great cost savings.

Sino Biological has developed thousands of high-quality antibodies for various applications. Our Elite antibodies are of the high-quality in the reagent industry as indicated by <0.2% of complaint ........< Learn More>