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TRIM21  Protein, Antibody, ELISA Kit, cDNA Clone

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    TRIM21 関連製品

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    TRIM21 サマリー & タンパク質情報

    TRIM21 背景

    サブユニット構造: Interacts (via C-terminus) with IRF8 (via C-terminus) (By similarity). Component of a SCF(SKP2)-like complex containing CUL1, SKP1, TRIM21 and SKP2. Interacts with CALR, CUL1, FBXW11, HSPA5, IKBKB, IRF3, SKP1 and VCP. Interacts with SKP2; the interaction with SKP2 does not depend on an intact F-box domain. Interacts (via N-terminus and C-terminus) with DCP2 (via N- terminus and C-terminus).
    ドメイン: The coiled-coil is necessary for the cytoplasmic localization. The B30.2/SPRY domain is necessary for the cytoplasmic localization, the interaction with IRF3 and for the IRF3-driven interferon beta promoter activity. The RING-type zinc finger is necessary for ubiquitination and for the IRF3-driven interferon beta promoter activity. Interacts with SKP2 and CUL1 in a RING finger-independent manner.
    細胞内位置: Cytoplasm. Nucleus. Cytoplasm, P-body. Note=Enters the nucleus upon exposure to nitric oxide. Localizes to small dot- or rod-like structures in the cytoplasm, called cytoplasmic bodies (P-body) that are located underneath the plasma membrane and also diffusely in the cytoplasm and are highly motil in cells. Cytoplasmic bodies are located along the microtubules and do not share the same cytoplasmic bodies with TRIM5. Colocalizes with DCP2 in P-body.
    組織特異性: Isoform 1 and isoform 2 are expressed in fetal and adult heart and fetal lung.
    誘導: Up-regulated by isoform 2 of XBP1.
    翻訳後: Autoubiquitinated; does not lead to its proteasomal degradation. Deubiquitinated by USP4; leading to its stabilization.
    シーケンスの類似性: Belongs to the TRIM/RBCC family.
    Contains 1 B box-type zinc finger.
    Contains 1 B30.2/SPRY domain.
    Contains 1 RING-type zinc finger.C
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    TRIM21 代替名

    RO52,SSA1,RNF81,Ro/SSA,SSA, [homo-sapiens]
    Ro52,Ssa1, [mus-musculus]

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