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Polyclonal Antibody Customer Development Service Platform

Sino Biological offers full services for polyclonal antibody development from antigen production to assay development. We use either rabbit or goat for immunization. Sino Biological has accumulated an extensive set of experience and know-how in affinity purification using protein A / G resins or immunogen affinity columns to increase antibody specificity and to reduce background binding.

Polyclonal Antibody Quality

Sino Biological also offers polyclonal antibody reagents on shelf to assist our customer’s biological research and development. Our polyclonal antibodies are of the highest quality in comparison to other vendors worldwide. Detection limits for our polyclonal antibodies are usually around 0.1 ng/well (see a comparison table below). All our catalog polyclonal antibodies use recombinant proteins, instead of peptide segments, as antigens.

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UK, University researcher: FF1AI have recently bought some human BACE1 from you and was so impressed with both the price and quality of this that I had Sino Biological Inc added to the list of registered suppliers at the University .