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Large Scale Cell/Hybridoma Culture and Protein/Antibody Purification Services


We offer hybridoma cell culture services from small scale (100 ml – 1L), mid-scale (1L-10L), to large scale (10L – 1000L) ranges for the production of mg – kg quantities of purified antibodies. Our services include adapting hybridoma cell lines into suspension growth in serum-free or low serum culture, scale up hybridoma culture, and purify monoclonal antibodies to any quality standard specified by client. We have purified all subtypes of mouse IgG (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG3, and IgG4) and IgM antibodies as well as rat antibodies.


Our recombinant technology to clone the antibody light and heavy chain genes from a hybridoma cell line makes it possible to produce large amount of recombinant antibodies by transient transfection or stable transfection. The constant regions can be changed to varies subtypes of human or other species’ antibodies if desired by the client.


Our purification capacity includes UF, MF, Affinity, Ion Exchange, HIC, Reverse Phase, and SEC from small scale to very large scale. We are highly experienced in developing state-of-the-art protein purification processes to achieve any purity and endotoxin requirement. We have successfully developed purification processes for dozens of un-tagged recombinant proteins.





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